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We focus on solving challengeing real world datascience problems, build products and democratise machine learning skills!

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Our core mission is to make datasciences fun as well as interesting. We won't offer you certifications or courses but a definite promise compelling machine learning portfolio to grab your next job

Mission & Vision

Hello there,
As Founder of Mlbyte Organisation, I am very proud to share this amazing Non-Profit venture. I strongly believe the future is A.I. And soon machine learning applications are going to be part of everything we interact and experience. With Mlbyte, we see a vision where learning data science comes from product oriented approach which many online MOOCs fail to deliver due to restricted policies. One of the many advantages as open source organisation we have is that our contribution are effective both as a portfolio and act as building blocks for new members in the community. I call upon you to join mlbyte community so that we work as a team and become independent and self-sufficient data scientists.

Mohammad Shahebaz (shaz13)


  • Is It A Premium Service?

    Mlbyte is an non-profit organisation. All of its services are freely available over GitHub repositories and blogs at Medium platform. So, Cheers!

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    We maintain subscription through Google Groups. Go to your Membership and email settings. From the drop-down, select "Don't send email updates."

  • Is Mlbyte open to promote services and other products?

    We would love to collaborate in every way as long as it inlines with our mission and vision

  • Amazing Venture! How Can I Help?

    Thanks! You can join as organisation member, contributor or donate.
    Contact for more details.